concrete: as adjective and noun (2019) for the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA exhibition: Forging a Link

on display September 28 through January 5, 2020 #LinktoMercer

Food Chain (2018)

Intersections (2017) with Susan Reiser was installed in the Vassar College Palmer Gallery (September 2017)

Layered Chiffon v 1.0 Beta (2017) with Susan Reiser

Data represented in the forms:

1. GENDER ...  consumer decisions and representation in marketing and media

2. FOOD ... the percentage of chemical agents in 10 popular packaged food items 

3. MATERIAL ... From the EPA: Total Municipal Solid Waste Generation (by Material), 2013
254 Million Tons (before recycling)

Modern Dowery (2017) code by Susan Reiser


Modern Dowery was commissioned by curator Jeannine Falino and the Museum of the City of New York for NY Silver: Then & Now. The exhibition is on view through June 2018. 

The footprint for the teapot is a representation of my debt versus savings each month. Susan Reiser wrote a code that would allow me to input the percentage of the different types of debt I have (student loans, credit cards, car loan, etc) and my projected saving percentage each month. The script input this spreadsheet and converted the percentage to the diameter of a circle that arrayed around a point. I then manipulated the vectors by cutting the outside of the debt figures off and the inside of the savings. This created a concave (debt) and convex (savings alternated by debt around the point) curve. These curves were used as the footprint as I modeled the teapot. The teapot was printed via Selective Laser Sintering in nylon, hand finished, delivered to Epner Technologies Inc. in Brooklyn, where it was electroformed in copper and then silver plated. A special thank you to Jeannine Falino (for believing in this piece), Susan Reiser (for helping make it real), and Thomas at Epner. 

"Prepare Yourself for Sewing...Smithing...Sewing"  (2017)


"Prepare Yourself..." was also commissioned by curator Jeannine Falino and the Museum of the City of New York for NY Silver: Then & Now. The exhibition is on view through June 2018. 

This piece consists of nine 4" hand-crafted silver embroidery hoops with machine-engraved quotes from women who inspire me. Each hoop contains an embroidered detail having something to do with silver/metalsmithing. 

Clever on Sunday (2016)  code by Susan Reiser

Clever on Sunday was created for the exhibition "Made for You: New Directions in Contemporary Design, curated by Jennifer Scanlan. The installation was on display at the The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art February through June of 2016. 

The installation consists of 6 different doily patterns cast in silicone rubber (about 200) arranged in a Venn diagram pattern. The doily patterns were drawn using a script, written by Susan Reiser. The script allowed for spreadsheet data to be imported and produced drawings of circles (diameters represent percentages) arrayed around a point. The statistical data used referenced gender balances and imbalances in education and professions. The doilies served as 'QR' codes that when scanned by a smart device, take the viewer to a webpage infographic explaining the statistics.