Layer Chiffon, 2017

Layer Chiffon is a hands-on interactive installation inviting viewers to explore a sampled history of food, materials, and gender roles in mid-20th Century America. Custom silicone Bundt forms created by data inputs and 3D modeling, in a process the artist is calling "data materialization," invite the viewer to touch or press on the jello-y forms. Sensors detect this touch and activate a unique associated video projection assigned to a form. When each form is pressed individually the assigned video will project, when the viewer touches two forms at a time a different video will project allowing the viewer to navigate the videos creating a custom experience or narrative, inspired by the Venn Diagram overlaps and intersections. Discipline connections in this piece include Computer Science, Marketing, History, Animation, and Art. This piece was created with support from Seton Hall University and the Digital Humanities Fellowship program. 




For more on how Layer Chiffon was made, visit the Process page and scroll down. 



Layer Chiffon in the Vassar College Creative Arts Across Disciplines Collabortory April 2017



The forms are designed by data set inputs in three-dimensions. The digital workflow also includes computer-aided design and computer-assisted manufacturing processes to produce the molds. Each mold is later hand-finished and cast.