Assistant Professor of Fine and Digital Art  

Application for Reappointment

Date of Hire                              16 August 2015

Date for Tenure Review          Fall 2018

In my first year at Seton Hall University my goal was to find balance in my teaching, scholarship, and service. The following list highlights some of my recent relevant activities.   



  • Made for You: New Directions in Contemporary Design at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz. This museum exhibition was curated by Jennifer Scanlan, Curatorial and Exhibitions Director at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center. The installation was created for the exhibition that was on view from February to June 2016. More about this project can be found on my website:
  • Digitized Jewelry at Lillstreet Gallery (Chicago, IL), invited to submit 12 works in a four-person show. Agnes Ma, curator. Sold one piece. 
  • Mostra, Palazzo Vagnotti, Cortona, Italy. Exhibited two works created while in residence. These works will also be exhibited at the Cortona 2016 exhibition at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA. (January 2017)

NY TIMES write-up:

Hodara, Susan. “Dorsky Museum Highlights Works that Elevate the Mundane into Art” May 12, 2016. NY Times. 

 Museum and Collection Acquisitions:

  • It doesn’t take an expert… (7 rings in a display) and Sociable Choice (bracelet) were purchased by a private collection. (June 2016)
  • Bubble Wrap, formally acquired by Mint Museum. The Mint Uptown “houses the internationally renowned Craft + Design collection, as well as outstanding collections of American, contemporary, and European art.” The work was picked up by art handlers and delivered to the museum for inspection and the board of directors voted to acquire the piece in December.
  • Bubbles brooch(es) were part of the Museum of Contemporary Craft permanent collection. The Museum closed and the permanent collection is now stewarded by the Center for Contemporary Art & Culture at Pacific Northwest College of Art.


  • Tselentis, Jason. “Close Encounters of the 3D Kind: The Rise & Future of 3D Printed Design.” How Design Magazine, Vol. 31 Issue 2, pages 42-49.  HOW Design Magazine covers graphic design, art, and illustration, as well as industrial design.  HOW is a competitive international periodical and features international designers, artists, and authors. The article was in print and online. The topic of the article is “Digging into the history, process and future of three-dimensional printing.” I was interviewed by the author on my experience and applications of the process. Image of Loti bracelet is included on page 44. Summer 2016.
  • Chi, YuFang, “The Displacement between Body and Object.” Taiwan Crafts, Vol. 60 No. 3. This article included Body Bubble image and reference. Written in Mandarin and in print only. Spring 2016.
  • Piperato, Susan. “Celebrating Customization.” Upstate House, Spring 2016. Review of Made for You: New Directions in Contemporary Design at the Dorsky Museum. The Upstate House Magazine review, references Clever on Sunday “…and huge, colorful plastic mats resembling 1950s Tupperware doilies, created by Courtney Starrett, graph gender inequality in America. Visitors can “read” the doilies through a smartphone app, which demonstrates that the technologically-produced can be individual as well as startlingly insightful.” Spring 2016.


  • Art Collides, a student organized art event at SUNY New Paltz. The students who participated selected a work in the museum to use as a source of inspiration for their own performance. There were about 10 students who created works based off about that many pieces (out of 60 plus works in the 4 exhibitions in the museum.) A student did a performance piece (spoken word) inspired by and in front of Clever on Sunday.
  • Courtney Starrett: Clever on Sunday, January 28, 2016. Directed and Produced by Olivieri Arts and Esther Joy. A mini-documentary about my work in the Dorsky Museum.
  • 6 Reasons for Integrating 3D Printing Into Your Classroom , October 13, 2016. Produced and Directed by Renee Cicchino and Corey Howell for Seton Hall University TLTR.

Conference Presentations:

  • Paper Presentation: SHU Women and Gender Studies Conference: Clever on Sunday
  • Paper: SEWSA (Southeastern Women’s Studies Association) Annual Conference (Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC): Clever on Sunday: A visual artist’s interpretation of post WWII consumer marketing and the gender gap.

Conference and Workshops Attended:

Upcoming Activities:

  • Forged in Metal: A Contemporary Dialogue with Silver (working title).  I have been invited to create new work and have signed a contract to produce one or more works for an exhibition scheduled to open June 2017 in the Tiffany Foundation Gallery at the Museum of the City of New York. The work will be on display June 2017-June 2018. The exhibition is curated by Jeannine Falino, Independent Curator and Museum Consultant. There are 22 (greater NYC metro) artists who have been selected to create work inspired by the museum’s silver collection. On October 6 I was part of a small group of invited artists to attend an object-handling session facilitated by the Museum staff from the Collections Department. There were two other similar orientations for the artists involved in the exhibition. My drawing for the exhibition is due November 14 and the work is due in February.
  • Vassar College Creative Arts Across Disciplines residency/visiting artist. The residency is tentatively scheduled for June and July 2017 with an exhibition to open in September 2017. The Creative Arts Across Disciplines initiative is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The contract should be official by November.
  • NSF EAGER Grant (co-PI Susan Reiser, UNC-Asheville). Submitted a grant for $230,000 last December. EAGER funding is for “early-concept grants for exploratory research.” The project was submitted in the first year of the call (there is a second funding period, due the December) slightly before it was ready with the intent to reapply after receiving feedback from the reviewers. We are currently reworking the project to address the comments of the reviewers.


 Fall 2015:

ADIM 1219 - Sculpture (2 sections)

·      Designed 3 unique projects.

·      Field trip to the Museum of Art and Design (NYC) with a tour from the curator.

ADIM 2322 - Intro to 3D Computer Graphics:

·      Software Utilized: Autodesk’s Maya, Autodesk’s 123D and demonstrated Rhino.

·      Output: 3D printed objects and 3D rendered animations.

·      Developed: 8 tutorials, 3 inspired by professional demos, transcribed and provided images in a step-by-step and 5 unique designs.

Spring 2016:

ADIM 1219 - Sculpture:

·      Implemented new grading structure.

·      Replaced one project and reused two from the previous semester.

·      Improved upon slide presentations and lectures.

·      Added readings.

ADIM 2322 - Intro to 3D Computer Graphics

ADIM 1223 - 2D Design

Fall 2016:

ADIM 1219 - Sculpture (2 sections)

·      Edited new grading structure.

·      Worked with SHU Bookstore to offer very specific materials for course. 

·      Field trip to the Museum of Art and Design (NYC), reaction paper worth 20% of final grade.

·      Use of new mold material (substituting alginate for plaster).


ADIM 2322 - Intro to 3D Computer Graphics:

·      Started 3D printing in exercise 2 (week 3).

·      Re-structured the course map to be more systematic.  

Summer 2016: Study Abroad:

·      Instructor of Metals and Jewelry University of Georgia (Athens, GA) Cortona, Italy program.

·      Taught one class: 7 weeks (5 days a week for 2 hours a day).

·      Artist-in-residence.

·      Artist talk presented to students and faculty of the program.

·      Excursion travel every Saturday (Rome, Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Cortona, Pisa, and Venice).

·      Led student groups to optional sights relevant to disciplines: Villa Giulia (Rome), Murano (Glass Museum) and Burano (Lace Museum), and MAEC (Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca). 

·      Faculty Monitor:  One night weekly after dinner (9-11 pm).

·      Dinner with faculty and students 4 nights a week.

·      CortonArt Juror (a one-day art contest).

Spring 2017 (scheduled):

New Special Topics: Digital Workflows

Acquired a Laser Cutter (housed in 525).

Course Description:  

This course will investigate the expanded media options for studio art and design practices in the 21st century. Creative expression will be explored through 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, augmented reality, and computing. This is a studio art course.

The goal of this course is to introduce students to digital fabrication processes and computer software within a creative design and studio art pipeline. Students will have the opportunity to gain appreciation of digital and analog processes in a studio art context through lectures, hands-on projects, readings, field trips and critiques. Students will explore digital to tangible processes such as 3D modeling for 3D print output, vector graphics for laser cutting, and basic computer programming for generative design applications.

ADIM 1219 – Sculpture

ADIM 2322 – Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics



 Spring 2016

·      COAR Secretary, recorded minutes at 3 college meetings (2 scheduled and one special).

·      Served as recorder for COAR By-Laws Committee meetings for the ‘faculty as a whole.’

·      Digital Humanities Summer Seminar, May24-26 2016 (attended as COAR representative).

·      Assisted Professor Krus with the planning and implementation of the Juried Student Exhibition and Reception.

·      Organized the Gasser Scholarship competition.

·      Participated in an Open House.

·      Faculty Senate IT Committee meeting 4/13 (joined 1/2016).

·      Worked with TLTC on video, 6 Reasons for Integrating 3D Printing Into Your Classroom.

·      Attended SHU Commencement.

Fall 2016

·      COAR Secretary, recorded minutes at 1 college meeting.

·      COAR By-Laws ‘faculty as a whole’ Committee meeting, served as recorder.

·      New Faculty Orientation, 2nd Year Faculty Panel Discussion, 8/24

·      Digital Humanities Meeting, 8/30

·      Attended Faculty Convocation, 9/9

·      Attended a 2nd Year Faculty Meeting with President Esteban, 9/20

·      Meeting with Veronica Armour to give ideas about a project Space 154 will be doing on 10/19, 10/5

·      Open House, 10/16



Arts MidHudson Grant 2016 Decentralization Grant $1750.00 for Creative CAD Workshops. This was a pilot project to run short workshops to groups of various ages introducing CAD and 3D printing. The workshops are free and open to the public. They have been beneficial to set up some quick processes to expose people to the technologies.

Workshop Themes and Schedule:

1.     3D Printing Beads for Mother’s Day, 4/23

2.     Graffiti Name Plate Design with artist Carlos Mare, 5/22

3.     Jack-o-lantern selfies, 10/15

4.     Holiday Ornaments (December)

 Kingston Land Trust Board Trustee

Monthly meetings and trail cleanups, planning member activities such as a Fall “Gather” to take place 11/15

Kingston Land Trust is a unique urban land trust with a focus on maintaining green spaces, urban agriculture, safe biking options and the major project of the Greenline, connecting much of the Hudson Valley by continuous trail. We have worked with artists who are proposing public art on the trails or in the parks.



  • Autodesk Education Meeting with the Learning Futures Team:
  • I met with Akshay Sharma (Sr. Design Education Evangelist) on October 10. The meeting was to discuss the Autodesk Faculty Fellows program and potential collaborations. The mandate of the LFT is to connect and facilitate research that would otherwise be impossible i.e. “Radical Collaborations.” Autodesk can market these projects that they facilitate and support.
  • Met with Michael Taylor in the spring about Innovation Space, submitted a proposal, or “wish list” for equipment for the 3D needs in a future MakerSpace.
  • Met with Manfred Minimar (Computer Science) in the spring to talk about the Data Visualization program.
  • Met with Veronica Armour and Mike Taylor about AR/VR, 8/30
  • Meeting with PR for write up about faculty feature, 9/7
  • Met with Jeanne about working more closely with the Walsh Gallery, 9/14
  • Took students to "Guerrilla Girls on Tour!" at the Theater-in-the-round, 3/14
  • Attended lecture by Dr. Helen Langa, "From Socialist Modernism to Social Viewpoint Art: Louis Lozowick's Aesthetic & Political Idealism." 1/28